10 Day YOU Challenge: 6 Places

Day 5 – Apologies to all those reading this long overdue post (Still looking for that ultra-fast internet connection that isn’t choppy every 2 minutes – I’m very impatient). Anyway, choosing only six places is quite difficult for an introvert-come-extrovert like me (yes, the only six places I liked visiting in my former life were my Living room, My Fridge, My Gym/Utility room, My toilet/Bathroom, My Bedroom, My Parents’ Fridge, and my Personal Bank. Now, let’s take a look at the new ME…

1. Dubai: I’ve nothing bad to say about this place. I’ve already visited twice and I’m preparing to go again in November, God willing. It’s just breathtaking. There’s always a new attraction each time I go. From the luxurious airport to the Gold Souq I’ve been wowed so much my dimples started to hurt. Hotels are affordable (except for the Burj Al Arab pictured – the world’s first 7-start hotel which I would really like to lodge in before I die) and you can find bargains on almost everything – including the gold ware. And the best part is that everything you buy is tax-free. How’s that for value for money. That’s where I got my last two smartphones and my Samsung mp3 slide player. If you go to Dubai then make sure you Do-buy!

2. Malaysia: I’ve never been and I know I’m missing out big time. If I’m not mistaken, I believe The Beach (starring Leonardo Di Caprio) was shot there. I particularly want to skip the city and go straight to Langkawi (pictured) situated on the Andaman Sea. For a place that has 99 islands I’ll be spoilt for choice and I’d probably piss off my tour guide…I can see it now, ‘Sorry, I think I prefer island no. 74…I dunno…can you remember if island no. 43 had more palm trees? Do you mind if we go back and check?’ Malaysia, see you in 2012!

3. New York: The city so nice I already visited twice! Apart from occasionally bumping into the odd celebrity from time to time there’s also so much to do and see. The city never sleeps and people are generally friendly, I find. Everything is just Super Sized. I remember eating a mammoth of a meal; a steak burger the size of my head, a side of chunky fries and a jug of Iced Tea – all for $6. I love buying the latest or limited edition albums of my favourite Hip Hop/RnB artists from NY. Shopping is just a treat. Maybe on my next visit I’ll finish the other half of MACY’S.

4. Seychelles: By the time you notice the picture on the right you’d probably know that I’m nuts about beaches. The only thing I can hope for is a WiFi connection so I could blag (blog + brag) about how much fun I’m having. This seems like a good location to do some snorkling. I want to swim with the wildlife (and pray they don’t get wild on my black ass). I’d gladly like to be lost on this island with my ideal partner (or more specifically, Secret #10). She has no idea how lucky she is going to be when I come clean.

5. Brazil: Arguably with the most beautiful girls (and the highest population of them), Brazil is a place I would like to have my Stag-do at. Brazilians seem like happy people and that’s the kind of crowd I want to be in. Their cuisine is served at the Lagoon Restaurant in Victoria Island as a buffet package.  I would like to make my way up to that gigantic statue of Jesus – it’s breathtaking even on small screen. I’ll need to pray for forgiveness by the time I’m making my exit.

6. Heaven: If there is such a place then I want to go there after I’ve seen all my great grand kids. Nobody can imagine what heaven looks like but we’re sure that there will be no sorrow, no death and no sin. I’ll probably see colours I’ve never seen, hear sounds I’ve never heard, and feel emotions I’ve never felt. It’s a far cry from life on earth at this point in time – hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, Ghadafis, Paris Hiltons and Tax Collectors (sigh)

Sources: Google images, A & T Happy Tours

9 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge: 6 Places

  1. Lol@ heaven…shudnt dat be #1 on d list…
    Well my own list goes like this:
    #1 vatican city
    #2 prague
    #3 greece
    #4 marrakesh,Morroco
    #5 brazil
    #6 maui
    (Haven’t bin to any of these places yet,but I know I will…someday…somehow)

    • Thanks for the comment! My list was not in any particular order but I thought I’d save the best for last. Your list is interesting. My guess concerning #1 is that you’re Catholic (or you’re just a big Da Vinci Code fan, lol). I think I’m the #2 Asa fan 😉

  2. Ha, i love your list. if i were to make a food list, mine would probably look like yours with the exception of yam porridge. Do u have a recipe for your special fried rice tho? Ive made it a coupla times but yours just looks divine. Lol. Also love love Dan brown, especially love that since i saw the movie, Robert Langdon now has a face for when i’m reading his books. 😀

    • I do the lazy style of fried rice i.e. Pour in some vegetable oil and throw in frozen mixed veg and seasoning, fry with choice of meat and add stock cubes and water, throw in a few cups of rice and let the mixture simmer for about 40mins – Hey presto!

      I plan to buy a couple of business books during my vacation. BORDERS here I come!

  3. Ha, lazy indeed. i toss in shrimps too with mine and i sometimes season with with garlic paste. This food talk is making me hungry :(.
    Have a great vacation ahead. 🙂

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