It’s been quite a predictable start to the new year – leaving  the 10pm ‘nightwatch service’ that concluded about 12.30am, generic new year wishes via SMS, popping a bottle of MOET Champagne, and more thunderous fireworks and ‘knockouts’ than my eardrums could  handle. But I did get a little surprise when I stepped out of my flat and into the street…it was virtually empty. You see, during new year’s day most people leave town or probably haven’t come back from their Christmas holidays.

Allen Avenue (towards Opebi road)


Allen Avenue (towards Obafemi Awolowo road)

So what did I do? I did what any speed junkie would – I grabbed my keys and painted the streets black with my skid marks. My girlfriend was also part of this Bonnie and Clyde adventure (Note: The only crime I almost committed was jumping a red light…almost). Doing 120kph on Third Mainland Bridge never felt so good…the purr of ma Cherie (my Chery A520, that is), the long stretch of road with less than 10 cars in sight, and a cloudy day with a cool breeze due to the ‘Harmattan’ weather.

We went to see a movie at Silverbird Cinemas. The action flick, FASTER starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was very entertaining and I strongly recommend you go see it. The underlying theme  is Vengeance. I came back home to a nice roast dinner complete with Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Stuffing and all smothered in Bisto gravy…mmmm. 

I’m so glad that the federal government declared Monday 3rd January a public holiday – that means tomorrow could be like a Saturday all over again! I wonder how I’ll spend it this time…*looks at his car keys again and pulls off a nasty grin*

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