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help buttonThis page exposes blogging tips that I have used to improve my traffic to this blog. Follow the links below and see if you find them useful like I did. You may find that some tips are tailored to WordPress blogs but terminologies are usually similar on other blogging platforms. I’m available if you get stuck. The truth is out!

Other tips:

  • How to upload an image unto your sidebar (WP users)
  • After you’ve saved an image on your computer, right-click  on the image and select ‘Copy link address’. Next, go to your ‘Dashboard’. Look at the left sidebar and select ‘Appearance’. Under that, select ‘Widgets’. Look for the ‘Image widget’. Drag the widget to your desired sidebar position. Click on it to expand. Under ‘Image URL’, paste the link address you copied earlier. You can also make other changes e.g. alignment, size, etc. At the bottom right of the widget select ‘Save’ then ‘Close’. You can preview your changes.
  • Linking a picture to a website (WP users)
  • In your New Post select Insert Media > Go to right hand side and under Attachment Display Settings go to drop down next to ‘Link To’. The picture is linked to Media File by default but you can select Custom URL and insert your desired link. Insert into post finally then preview your post. Click on the picture and see if you are directed to the URL you linked to.


…exposing the truth that blogging experts may not want you to know.

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